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Tef view app

This is absolutely great thank y’all so much

Excellent resource

You can find a lifetimes worth of learning materials to use with this app for many instruments if you look a little. Great app

Tef player

Great app to help learn music. Able to slow the tempo down and speed it up as I improve.

Excellent tool for pickers

Enables you to learn and hear melodies and be able to play them. I use it for guitar,banjo, and mandolin.

Finally. All my sheet music in one place.

Excellent product!

Great app!

What a great tool! You won't regret it!

Great app for beginners

This app is superb. For timing, increasing speed, learning new songs that are unfamiliar. I'm a beginner late in life, and it really helps!


Thank you for this great app. Really helps me learn songs faster on ukulele.

Let's check what all the greatness is about!!

Ok, this seems legit, there is an energy which tells me to rate this high... IDK, I think it actually checks out... but who actually reads this... So.... Watagatapitusbery ... XD

Great App

Simply put, this app is utilitarian and extremely helpful in nailing down cadence and timing when learning bluegrass banjo tunes.

Greatest App and Support

I am so pleased with this product and the service I have received over the last 20+ years. I would say keep up the good work, however I know you will. Now you guys are on all platforms, I uses. Try it you'll like it.

Great app!

TEFView is awesome as a companion to the full desktop app, Tabledit. On the iPad, I could not live without TEFView.

Good tool

Although it's best to learn by ear, still tools like this have helped me learn and remember licks It's better on desktop because it's hard to see on phone but still a good tool to carry along


This app is wonderful. I am a novice mandolin player and it is very helpful have my tabs on a phone. My only complaint is that the app version is slightly flexible (e.g. I cannot change the tempo in this app) compared to the desktop version.


Awesome !!!!!!

Nice n simple

Wish it had fingering or chord shapes indicated. It is a lot of hunt and peck




Easy to use and plenty of mandolin tabs available

Great for Learning guitar thank u so much

Great app learning guitar and was looking for an app that can do everything this app can do I'm in love thanks for this app.


I use the full program for writing too. It has helped me so much with learning songs and especially keeping correct timing

Tab for My flute!!

Just like the TablEdit for PC it has a setting for Tin Whistle D. I wish it would let Me import abc for other songs. Can it? Am I missing something. I love it for mobile so far.

Top App

This app simply does what it says. It lets you look at TEF music files and play them. This is a great help in learning new songs. It allows you to slow the play down to play along. I can't say enough good things. I wish there were 6 stars. I only have one weak point to mention. The print function could be better. At times, the last line on a page will be split, with the top 2 or 3 horizontal lines showing up on one page and the bottom lines showing up at the top of the next page. Not good obviously. Im sure i could fool with the print settings on my printer and the app and fix this but it is a weakness.

Tab viewer

I like not only seeing the tab but hearing it played which this app does.

Not there yet

I'm a fan of TablEdit and TEFview on the computer but the iPad version of TEFview is not there yet. It's hard to argue with free and if I had never used the PC version I would probably be okay. I find the operation clumsy (a simple start/stop/pause/return toolbar and tempo control in stop/pause mode would be awesome for a start), file management awkward (I have misplaced files several times trying to open a tune and it getting moved to a different folder) and many features not included (I really miss the auto tempo change in the loop feature). I'm still a fan of the company and will be on the lookout for updated versions of this app.

Major Flaws--yes, my experience too.

This is great for providing the tunes to play along with, but it is poorly designed. Every time it is opened it goes to the default settings. One cannot set the tempo before starting the tune. Tapping the right and left margins is supposed to move the track forward or backward, but on my iPad it does not work that way. Tapping the time signature in the upper left corner is supposed to take it back to the beginning, but again, for me it does not. Very, very frustrating, very poorly designed.


Navigating is a bit touchy but the fact that it works and it's the only guitar pro alternative gives it a five in my book.


Very helpful! Great to have access to so much music with varied instruments. Thank you!

Great app.

Easy way to see tabs and music, I would recommend this app.

Valuable resource

Great tool. Like a teacher you carry in your pocket. Very useful for getting timing down on tuff tunes.

Great Tab App

This app is widely recognized on instructional sites with lots of material available on the net. I use it frequently to learn new tunes. Give it a try, I bet you'll like it too.


Really nice very usefull


Simple, free and effective.

Useful Indeed!

I am along time user of TablEdit, on pc and Mac. Excellent program and it is almost given away. Tefview for iOS looks to be well thought out and easy to use. I would like to have a way to place the cursor in a desired measure to start playback. It looks to me that one can only start and stop playback, or make a selection for playback.



Great tool, could use some tweaking on iPad

This is a good tool for learning. I use it myself and also introduce my students to it. It may be me, but I wish it was easier to select portions beyond measures for repeat - specifically on iPad. It seems to work easier on MacBook and iPhone (no experience of it on PC). But, that's not a major complaint. I highly recommend trying this app and taking some time to learn how to use it.

Plays all my TEF files

It's wonderful to be able to play all my TablEdit files on my portable devices. Now I can practice wherever I want.


Great app use it daily for my banjo tabs.

Pretty useful

A nice way to view several type of files off the web. Wish the playback interface provides more features such as rewind or fast forward.

Super app.

I use this app quite often. It has helped my overall improvement on the banjo. Thank you

A Great App!

I get my guitar lesson assignments and read them on this app. It's awesome AND free! Just get it.


I use this app on my IPad. Very handy. Am able to take a ton of music anywhere on my iPad. Thank You!

Good app.

Really usefull app, been using it for years.

Perfect App!!

I have waited for this app for a long time and just discovered that it existed. Love it!!

Works great

Lots of features to play with


Great app!!!


Awesome app!


Great companion to the Mac/PC version!


Great app. I use for banjo mainly but have guitar in there too. It is very versatile and you get backup and have various speeds to use. The sounds can be kind of funky but still a great app.

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